In my life, I did a lot of theater. I studied theater in Paris. I was looking for a motivating activity to meet nice people, share nice moments, have fun and maybe lose some weight…knowing that I am a little lazy when it comes to sports.


And bang, one Sunday I by chance came across an American show where the priest (or pastor, I don't know) had the people in his church bent over laughing. During the interview, he spoke about the benefits of laughing and that the disciples got closer to the Divine spirit by laughter.


I am not a believer but I thought this was brilliant to see all these people laughing…so with my computer, I looked up the words: therapy + laughter…and I found information on these laughter clubs in my area, I looked around these site…and then, I called, I got some information on the next sessions and went to experience it by myself, like a big girl (come on come on, a little courage!) with the other participants, some experts, some beginners like me. This was a huge revelation, even if sometimes I feel ridiculous. What delight, what pleasure! These muscles I didn't know I had worked for a good hour. That is how I got bitten by the laughter bug.

Since then, I did the animator training and I animated lot of sessions at the Laughter Club in Montreal from 2011 to Januray 2016. I also organized events with the Club: International Laughter Day from 2012 to 2015, Christmas Special 2012-2013,...

From 2016 to 2018, I was a laughter facilitator for the Skype Laughter Club Canada.


As well I take other training sessions: Happiness Training, choral singing... in order to learn more our to develop my well-being and that of others, it is important!

In  January 2019, I was a therapeutic clown in Quito (Ecuador) with Patch Adams, Susan Parenti, Mark Enslin, Dario Solina, Laurita Villacis and some great clowns from around the world. We visited hospitals, a rehabilitation center, a psychiatric center, a home for the elderly, an orphanage. We also clowned in the street. This week was an extraordinary experience with unforgettable moments, sharing and endless laughs...

You now know almost everything about me... so , contact me.